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Social media, particularly FaceBook, for me, represents a horrible collapse of our ability to discern truth from fiction.

We’ve lost the ability to discern what is valuable in another. We categorize by ‘liking’ or ‘friend-ing’. We confuse the number of likes we have with the effectiveness of our message. We play small, by trading our ‘likes’ for the chance to win a product, or an exclusive discount (how exclusive is it really at that price?)

Social Media Guru thoughts

Yes, I am being simplistic here. Yes, I’m probably offending someone, likely lots of someones. If I didn’t know my Social Media guru quite so well, I’d imagine I was offending her too. However, she more than anyone, understands my paradoxical thinking. She gets that what offends me by ‘friending’ and ‘liking’ is that social media really cheapens the true value of the words.

Friends – real ones – are hard to find. Not that there aren’t some wonderful people in the world – in fact there are many, many incredible people in the world. It’s just that finding the ones who ‘get you’ or ‘see you’ or champion you because they would vote for you to stay alive, even if it meant the loss of their own survival. Now those kinds of friends are just not found on Facebook.

The kinds of friends one gathers through social media outlets are the kind that are quite wonderful in a different way. Like flash-cards. I can learn a lot quite quickly, yet hardly deeply enough to be an expert on who you are. Which I guess is the point.

So, when you friend me on FaceBook (if you can find me that is), I won’t take it personally. My particular brand is an acquired taste. I won’t ever answer the WIIFM for you, how could I when you are you and I am not.

Having said all of that, here is what I also understand. Social media is our current vehicle for connection. For business, for relationship, for trying to find our tribe.

I just don’t think it’s the best way for me, and I will do it for the sake of my business, for the chance that out there, somewhere, is someone who wants to acquire a different taste.