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Using ‘Voice’ as a metaphor


It’s not that I haven’t heard the words before – indeed, used them myself – things like “I’m trying to find my voice”, or “I want to use my voice to make a difference”, or even “I get into so much trouble when I use my voice to speak the truth”.

In our humanity, we have a shared need to be heard. In our noisy world, that can be hard. Our voices need not be louder, just filled with wisdom.

Voice Uncovered

The idea that there is a difference between ‘finding one’s voice’, and ‘speaking in one’s voice’ has become clearer and clearer to me in my work with co-lead partnerships and individuals alike.

In ‘finding one’s voice‘ there is a yearning to be able to articulate the inner drive, to speak the words of deeper personal meaning and value in a way that resonates within, and makes internal sense of our experience.

It is our personal ‘call to action’; our ‘raison d’ĂȘtre’. It has timbre and cadence; certainty and hesitancy rolled into one.

In the ‘finding’ one must run up against resistance, from inside and outside ourselves. Our spirit must strike against something in order for the voice to be ignited, to begin to burn brightly enough for our thoughts to be discovered.

The exploration of personal value and meaning is in this work. If we do not later include this ‘uncovered voice’, then the work that we do is for naught.

Voice to be heard

In growing numbers, leaders and people who aspire to create change are using their voices to point to places where change is necessary for our survival.

These voices are ‘found’, and they desire to speak in a focused way. The call is for hope, for humanity, for fairness and innovation.

It is not to speak so loudly as to drown out all other sound. It is to speak so others will hear the words and be moved to change though wisdom.

To be able to be heard, one must be able to hear one’s own voice, and so the cycle begins again – to find voice to that which we have just discovered.

We must become the sound in the forest as the tree falls.