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Lately, I’ve been dancing to the tunes on a new broadcast station IITWU. It’s different from the old WIIFM (What’s in it for ME?) channel that I know is popular amongst marketing and sales gurus.

I’m not so sure that the WIIFM network really holds sway anymore. I’m not seeing it so much amongst my clients, or hearing it amongst my friends. Or maybe I just don’t attract the kinds of people who still listen to that channel.

The new station seems to be more about gratitude meets connection meets bigger game/higher purpose/making a difference. It’s about you and me and we and us.

I’m for a world where every human being is treated with dignity and respect, which means we all do that, without prejudice, favour or asking the WIIFM question.

I know it sounds rather idealistic, however, I’m pretty certain that while it is extremely challenging to set aside ego, it is entirely possible.

Witness Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama. Neither has ever pretended that their spiritual journey was without trial or challenge.

And I know from my own everyday life, that watching for the moments when I have to switch my energy from frustration and fear to courage and engagement can be pretty tiring. I hadn’t recognized that the road to enlightenment wasn’t just about ‘doing the right thing’.

So, the new airwaves that I listen to now are

IITWY – I’m in this with you.

What are you listening to?